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'Mia' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av.

Sale price$68.99
Twirl into the 'Mia' Girls Swimwear and let your fun-loving spirit shine! This vibrant bikini bursts with playful pinks and purples, arranged in a cheerful pattern that's as lively as a dance under the sun.

The cute lattice detail adds just a hint of adventure to this two-piece treasure, perfect for making a splash or chasing the waves. It's not just a bikini; it's a burst of joy, designed for the girl who loves to laugh with the sea and move like the rolling tides.

The 'Mia' celebrates the delight of youth with a nod to growing style, making it the perfect choice for a day filled with bright smiles and cool waves.

Material: 92% polyamide – 8% elastane. Patterned lining. Comes in a matching towel bag.


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'Mia' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av.
'Mia' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av. Sale price$68.99