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Cactus Aqua Boys

Sale price$59.99
Hold on tight, explorer! Ever imagined a place where cacti dance to the rhythm of the waves? Well, it exists, and it's right here in your new ‘Cactus Aqua’ boy swimwear!

These awesome green boys swimwear transport you to a world where giant cacti surf and desert sand turns into beach castles. With each plunge into the water, it'll feel like you're diving into a magical oasis where anything is possible. Ready to be the king of the aquatic desert?

Material: 100% polyester. European quick-dry fabric. One back pocket with Velcro closure and two side pockets. Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring for a snug fit.



'Cactus Aqua' Boys Swim Shorts by 98 Coast Av.
Cactus Aqua Boys Sale price$59.99