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'Bacalar' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av.

Sale price$68.99
Step into a fairy tale by the sea with the 'Bacalar' Girls Swimwear. With ruffles as playful as the gentle waves and colors as soft as the morning sky, this two-piece is a dream come true for any young adventurer.

In the 'Bacalar', every paddle is a stroke through enchanted waters, where friendly fish dart through coral castles and seashells line the ocean floor like jewels. It's a world where laughter floats on the breeze and the horizon stretches into a canvas of wonder.

This swimsuit isn't just for swimming—it's for twirling on the sands, for chasing the ripples, and for listening to the lagoon's lullabies. It's for the little dreamer with a heart full of stories and eyes sparkling with the magic of Bacalar.

Material: 92% polyamide – 8% elastane. Patterned lining. Comes in a matching towel bag.

amazonic collection 2019


'Bacalar' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av.
'Bacalar' Girls Swimwear by 98 Coast Av. Sale price$68.99