Retro Floral Man


Dust off those old vinyl records and get ready for a blast from the past! Slipping into the 'Retro Floral' men’s swimwear is like cranking up that summer mixtape from decades ago. Those nostalgic blooms? They're not just patterns; they're memories from sunny days gone by.

As you rock these men's swimwear at the beach, be prepared for nods of admiration and maybe a few 'Hey, I remember those days!' With every stride, you're not just making waves; you're stirring up a whirlpool of groovy flashbacks. Dive into the nostalgia!

Material: 100% polyester. European quick-dry fabric. One back pocket with Velcro closure and two side pockets. Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring for a snug fit.

Retro Floral 2022 Collection

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