Madagascar Green

$27.99 $84.99

Ever fancied a journey into the heart of the jungle, where lush greens and vibrant hues reign supreme? Imagine yourself navigating the wilds of Madagascar, where every step unveils a kaleidoscope of verdant surprises and nature herself dances in a riot of colors.

The 'Madagascar Green' men swimwear is your ultimate passport to this adventure. As you slip into these jungle-themed beauties, you'll blend in with the vibrant foliage and flaunt the different shades of green like a true nature enthusiast. So, gear up to explore the wild, embrace the tropical vibes, and unleash your inner explorer!

Material: 100% polyester. Quick-drying European fabric. One back pocket with Velcro closure and two side pockets. Elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring for a snug fit.

Sunny 2020 Collection

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