Army Green


Sometimes, in the midst of the summer buzz, finding your own peaceful corner is a real treasure. Whether you want to dive into the waves, soak up the sun, or simply watch the world go by, mastering the art of blending in at the beach is like discovering a hidden gem.

The 'Army Green' men's swim shorts take inspiration from the nuances of nature, allowing you to merge with your surroundings in your own way. Whether you choose to be the silent observer or the king of deep contemplation while enjoying the sun and sea breeze, this swimsuit gives you the freedom to do so.

So get ready to be the king of beachside camouflage!

Material: 100% polyester. Quick-drying European fabric. One back pocket with Velcro closure and two side pockets. Elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring for a snug fit.

Sunny 2020 Collection

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